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Humans are destroying our planet, the air pollution caused by carbon dioxide emission from cars is one of the major environmental villains.

Commuters all over the globe choose to take their car to work despite, traffic jams, parking shortage and car toll fees. A study made by science direct 2017 showed that 352 614 commuters in Stockholm drive to work on a daily basis. However, 111 487 of these commuters live within a area where it would take them 30 minutes or less to cycle to work. They also have an average time of 15 minutes by bike and a average distance of 3.4km. The study also taught us that if these 111 487 commuters would cycle to work the carbon dioxide emission caused by cars would decrease with 20%.

This opportunity awakened the idea of Velo Cash Back by Bike ID. The concept is grounded in creating an incentive for commuters to choose the bike and leave the car behind. Bike ID are not blaming the car commuters they simply reward the cyklists.



Velo Cash Back is the opposite of a car toll, the cyclists using an electronic bike from Bike ID will receive money from Bike ID when they cross the border to the inner city.

The car toll in Stockholm vary from 15 to 35 skr depending on the time of the day. Likewise the reward in the Velo Cash Back concept will vary from 15 to 35 skr.

Every electronic bike from Bike ID have an unique ID that is connected to an app. Velo Bike ID will utilize this app and create an extension on the GPS map that enable the cyclist to receive their cash back. Velo Cash Back will enable the electronic bike users to once a day make money by simply using their bike.