I'm Gustav, a photographer from Sweden

I started out 15 years ago at a local newspaper, three years later I worked for Scandinavia's biggest newspaper. Now I'm currently changing my travel habits from working in news rooms, hazard zoones and dangerous places in the world to the most amazing ones. I'm a big fan of Portland and the nature in Oregon state, the craziness in Tokyo and the melancholy I experience in New York City.

My work with clients such as ABB, Volvo Spirit, and Aftonbladet takes me around the world. I love to make images that tells a story, whether it's a portrait, a building site or a product I'm shooting. Except for photography I'm very interested in architecture, graphic- and interior-design. I love problem solving and taking on new projects – I'm always full of ideas.

I'm based in Stockholm, Sweden, where I have found a great foundation for my work – There is so much inspiration here, and lot's of creative people doing amazing things.

I'd love to hear from you,